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Ready To Secure & Standby

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Performance One Security stands as a premier private security firm. Our pride rests in an extensive array of services that we extend with excellence. Our expertise encompasses personal safeguarding, vigilant patrol, and comprehensive threat awareness.


Performance One Security believes in providing our clients with the “Best” value with all of their security needs.

Why Performance One Security?

Being consistently ranked among the top private security companies in the DFW area for three years, we take pride in our highly trained professionals. Equipped with skills in Tactical De-Escalation, Weapons Training, First Aid/CPR/AED, crowd control, and more, they are also well-versed in office admin duties. Count on our security experts to safeguard you and your assets, going beyond expectations to ensure your safety.

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Current & Former Clients

At Performance One Security, delivering exceptional services to our clients is our top priority, and we greatly value their feedback. Take a moment to explore testimonials and reviews from our satisfied past customers. Feel free to reach out to us for further information. Your satisfaction is our motivation!

We hired Performance One Security for our apartment community to help with the unwanted company. They have already made a major impact. We are receiving great feedback. We are looking forward to keeping them on and improving the property!   Awesome and professional!

Christina J.

I have been using their services for over 3 years. We’ve used them for our club venues, private events, festivals, concerts and even our late night restaurant. All of their security are professional, friendly and never use brute force or physical altercations as their first mode of solution. Can’t recommend them enough. Thank y’all for protecting our staff, customers and family!

Michael F.

I really loved working with this company.  It gave me so much peace of mind and security knowing that I had this option available. I lost my mom in Feb 2021 and was trying to sell her home.  Some time in the process, someone stole the air condition and fence paneling. I sent a desperate generic text message to a security search firm in the middle of the night and Performance security called me back immediately. I finally closed on the home and I must say that was the best investment I ever made.

Audra B.

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